About the PHP Form Creator

This PHP Form Creator was designed to quickly create standardized forms with the ability to easily link into PHP. It uses XML to quickly generate the basic form. Beyond this, it is designed to work with minimal information. Also, it comes with some pre-set error types, and the ability to define errors using PHP regex expressions. Of course, all non-paypal forms on this website are made with this tool, and there is an example page as well as an interactive page.

What this product will do is take some of the monotony out of developing websites, and make it go faster. Also, it is possible to just change an xml file without the need to fiddle with the HTML. However, this product will not make you a better programmer. It also will not make you a more secure programmer. The file saving functions included in this product have a small amount of security on them, but it is still your job to save files properly as each website is designed differently and security protocols are needed.